Focus Areas

Most investment banking firms serving the needs of entrepreneurial companies can be classified as generalists. While Glendale Capital is certainly familiar with a wide range of industries, the partners seek to leverage our significant transactional experience in selected industry segments as outlined below:

Craft Brewing & Distilling

Leveraging our significant expertise in the beverage industry, Glendale Capital’s principals work with numerous clients in the burgeoning craft brewing & distilling areas. The non-alcoholic beverage sector, including energy and sports drinks, juices and flavored waters, is a Glendale Capital’s focus area, as well. Our clients include firms seeking liquidity events, growth capital investment, strategic partnership or acquisitions. Company valuations remain quite high for brewers/distillers/non-alcoholic producers showing sustained year-over-year growth. But, the costs to gain production capacity, market presence and shelf space continue to loom large.

Contact Glendale Capital to discuss your particular situation. We have strong relationships with many of the strategic and financial investors that are focused on these market segments.


Having run a distributorship consisting of a liquor division anchored by Seagram’s, Sebastiani and Gallo wines, and a beer division anchored by Anheuser-Busch Inc. for more than 28 years, Dan Pizzini has tremendous hands-on experience in this industry. He led his distribution company’s sale process and its post-transaction integration, so Dan understands the demands placed on smaller distributors to operate profitably and compete in a consolidating industry.

We are currently working with a number of investment groups seeking acquisitions in this space and would be happy to share our industry insights with you.


With a strong focus on the beverage industry, Glendale Capital has significant experience with several equipment manufacturers serving craft brewers, distillers and beverage companies. Rapid growth in both the size and number of market participants over the past several years has bolstered the sales of equipment suppliers leading to heightened valuations. Acquirers have taken notice of these developments and many strategic and private equity-backed groups are seeking additional investments in selected areas.

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Water Treatment

Water treatment represents an extremely diverse market segment ranging from providers of waste water equipment, filtration, chemicals and related services. The efficient treatment of water for a specific end use, be it for drinking, industrial, irrigation or recreational purposes, will remain a paramount issue going forward.

Glendale Capital has relationships with several financial investors and strategic acquirers focused on the diverse water treatment space. We’d be happy to share our observations and insight.

Professional Services

With relatively low barriers to entry, the professional and legal services industry remains highly fragmented and is ripe for continued consolidation. Increasingly, longtime firm owners are at a point in their lives where continued investment in technology, facilities and employees does not meet their personal financial objectives.

The Glendale Capital team has worked closely with several providers of professional and legal services over the years seeking to successfully transition ownership of their firms. At Glendale Capital, we can help you find a suitable path to liquidity at a market-based valuation with transaction partners capable of closing the deal quickly and discretely.

Aerospace & Defense

The combined Department of Defense and Homeland Security budgets represent nearly 60% of U.S. Federal discretionary spending and more than one-third of global defense spending. Global tensions remain high and the current administration has vowed to strengthen America’s military. In addition, the commercial aerospace market continues to benefit from low fuel costs and increased air cargo and passenger travel.

Glendale Capital Managing Director Dan Kreher has completed numerous M&A transactions in the Aerospace/Defense industry during this career, first as head of acquisitions for a publicly traded, small cap defense contractor, and later in investment banking.

Contact us to discuss business valuation and market outlook trends in Aerospace/Defense in the middle market.

Software & Technology

The U.S. Technology industry is challenging record numbers achieved in 2014, nearing 500 deals with a total deal value of $42.8 billion in just the first quarter of 2017. Software acquisitions are on the rise and growth is expected to continue as non-digital buyers are increasing the number of potential acquirers for software companies looking to leverage this active time.

Glendale Capital has partnered with industry expert Joel Manesberg to advise on and support the facilitation of transactions within this rapidly growing industry. As a veteran software developer and business owner, Joel leverages his personal M&A experience within the industry to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your company.

Contact us to discuss next step opportunities for your Software / Technology business today.

Healthcare & Medical

Despite numerous scientific, clinical and regulatory hurdles, the biomedical space remains a robust engine of innovation. Developments in medical devices, pharmacology, medical imaging and healthcare technology are poised to disrupt legacy systems and tackle the complex issues in healthcare.  In many cases, successful commercialization of these solutions cannot proceed without the capital and distribution channels available to large acquirers. In turn, major industry players can leverage significant advantage by entering into strategic partnerships, acquisitions or licensing of the latest medical technology.

Glendale Capital Partners has the resources and access to medical science expertise to ensure that the next generation of biomedical solutions is made available to payers, providers and patients.