Glendale Capital Partners Assists Clearview Capital and Vertikal Brands in the Acquisition of Higdon Outdoors

ST. LOUIS, MO, September 2, 2020— Glendale Capital Partners, a St. Louis-based investment banking firm, assisted Vertikal Brands, a holding company established by Clearview Capital, in their pursuit to acquire premium brands in the outdoor industry. Higdon Outdoors was identified by Glendale Capital Partners as a viable target for Vertikal Brands earlier this year, and we are proud to announce the recapitalization of Higdon Outdoors by Clearview Capital and Vertikal Brands was finalized on August 18, 2020. Higdon Outdoors will now operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertikal Brands.

While the former Higdon owners, John and Ben Higdon, will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the business and will maintain a significant stake in the company’s equity, this transaction will provide the additional capital needed to accelerate the company’s growth both organically and through acquisitions.

“We couldn’t be more optimistic about what this partnership means for our business. We believe our already thriving brands are going to have everything needed to maximize their potential.”

John Higdon, President, Higdon Outdoors

About Clearview Capital

Clearview Capital, L.P. is a private equity firm in Stamford, Connecticut. As a private investment firm, they specialize in control and non-control investments in North American companies with operating profits of $3 – $20 million. Since its inception in 1999, the team at Clearview Capital has completed more than 100 transactions in a wide variety of industries.     

Specializing in the acquisition and recapitalization of profitable middle market companies, in partnership with management, Clearview Capital works collaboratively with their portfolio company management teams, providing targeted strategic and operational assistance, as well as capital, to fuel organic and acquisition growth initiatives. Their approach to accelerating growth is strategic and consultative, seeking to add value by providing financial and human capital without getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the companies with whom they partner.

Combining their team’s experience with capital from their fund portfolios, Clearview Capital seeks to partner with the management of successful middle market enterprises for a period of three to seven years, after which liquidity would be sought for all involved parties. To learn more about Clearview Capital, visit their website at or view their company overview (pdf).

“The Higdon family has built an impressive business over the last 26 years, developing a reputation for innovation and quality across the Company’s brand portfolio. We look forward to working with John and Ben to accelerate the Company’s growth, organically as well as through acquisitions.”

Matt Blevins, Partner, Clearview Capital

About Vertikal Brands

Vertikal Brands is an innovative platform that specializes in strategic growth strategies with business investments in the “Outdoor Lifestyle” category. Driven by strong passions for the industry, Vertikal Brands partners with business owners and management teams to develop and grow the best brands in the industry. With Clearview Capital as a dedicated equity partner, this strategy allows for the flexibility that customizable transactions deserve. Vertikal Brands is highly effective in helping businesses excel within facets such as, operations, marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, sales, product development, mergers & acquisitions, integrations, sourcing, and customer service. Their preferred industry verticals include fishing, hunting and adventure, camping and outdoors, and lifestyle brands. To learn more about Vertikal Brands, visit their website at

“The Vertikal Brands team couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to partner with the Higdons. It is a true honor to be a part of the future of the outstanding business they have established.”

Jim Gianladis, Chief Executive Officer, Vertikal Brands

About Higdon Outdoors

Headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky, Higdon Outdoors is a premier, multi-brand designer and supplier of hunting and sporting dog accessories. With more than 1,000 dealer locations worldwide, the company’s flagship Higdon brand is the industry leader in waterfowl decoys. The company’s Power Calls brand was founded in 2016 in partnership with World Goose Calling Champion of Champions, Kelley Powers. In 2018, the company broadened its brand portfolio with the acquisition of MOmarsh, an innovative leader in waterfowl hunting blinds and sporting dog accessories. To learn more about Higdon Outdoors, Power Calls, or MOmarsh, visit Higdon’s website at

“From the day Higdon was founded more than 26 years ago, the family has focused on quality, customer service and innovation. Today, we are proud to announce an exciting partnership with Clearview Capital and Vertikal Brands that we believe will further enhance our ability to bring our valued customers the best possible products in the hunting industry.”

Ben Higdon, Vice President, Higdon Outdoors

About Glendale Capital Partners

Glendale Capital Partners is a St. Louis-based investment banking firm serving the capital sourcing, merger & acquisition and financial advisory needs of entrepreneurs, particularly in the areas of craft brewing and distilling, beverage distribution, branded outdoor consumer products, manufacturing equipment, water treatment, professional services, aerospace/defense products, software/technology products and services, healthcare/medical devices and services, and consumer products. To learn more, contact us at

Attention Outdoor Branded Products Companies: Leveraging our expertise in the outdoor products industry, the Glendale Capital team has performed a substantial amount of work in this sector. Our experience ranges from facilitating acquisitions for both financial and strategic buyers and investors, to procuring the sale of strong niche brands across the sector. We have worked with a diverse cumulation of companies covering all categories for the sports and outdoor enthusiast. We believe this industry is poised for continued growth and expansion given the current trends toward exercise and fitness combined with the innate passion for the outdoors shared by so many consumers. This presents an enormous growth opportunity for businesses looking to accelerate their brand and enhance market share with an infusion of growth capital. We have strong relationships with many of the strategic and financial investors that are focused in this and similar industries. Contact us today to see what opportunities are available for your business.

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