Access to capital, defined as assets that add to the long-term net worth of a corporation, is critical to the enduring success of any middle market business. These funds can be used to purchase equipment and capacity for expansion, finance working capital growth or pursue an acquisition growth strategy.

Glendale Capital Partners and its principals have helped numerous companies grow their businesses by accessing capital from both financial and strategic partners. We have strong relationships with a number of private equity investors, mezzanine funds and financial institutions seeking to partner with middle market businesses. We will leverage our experience, personal relationships and expertise to help you find the right capital sources to meet your needs.

Capital can be used to help achieve a variety of objectives, including:

Growth Capital

Organic business growth is the primary driver of most companies. Business owners seek additional production capacity, greater sales and marketing resources, geographic expansion and/or new products and services. While there is no shortage of growth initiatives, finding the “in-house” capital necessary to successfully implement these plans can be problematic. Glendale Capital works with growing companies to secure funds from financial and strategic investors to meet these capital needs.


Growth through acquisition is another significant strategy employed by middle market companies. Our team assists clients in identifying and evaluating acquisition targets and then obtaining the necessary debt and/or equity financing necessary to complete the deal.

Strategic Partnering

Partnering with a suitable strategic partner can be a critical step in reaching your company’s full potential. Benefits of partnering include access to greater management resources, distribution channels and access to capital for organic or external growth. Glendale Capital assists in finding the right strategic partner who shares your vision for the business.


Often, the majority of an entrepreneur’s net worth is tied up as an illiquid investment in his or her own company. Rather than selling their business to a third party, owners can unlock a portion of their equity value through a recapitalization transaction. In addition to providing liquidity, funds might be used to access growth capital or to deleverage the balance sheet.